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FRP skylight sheet

Frp stands for fiberglass reinforced polyester,which is made of superior film, resin and reinforced fiberglass.It is an ideal substitutes of skylight.FRP skylight sheet are widely used as a glazing material with steel frame or base.

1. Superior crushing strength, 
2.Good light transmission when using as daylight panel.
3.Easy to clean and install
4. Anti-UV  Block up to 90% UV light when using as roofing;
5. Various colors and profile can be customized

Types of FRP sheet
1. Fire resistant FRP;
2. Heat resistant FRP;
3. Anti-corrosion FRP;

1. Material : unsaturated resin, Fiber glass, weatherable film
2. thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm ;
3. Color:     Clear, Light blue, blue, Opal, Green,Yellow,Red,etc.
4. Weight/sqm:1800gsm,2400gsm,3050gsm,3660gsm;
5. Light transmission: 50%-76% ;
6. Working temperature: -40℃ - 120℃ ;
7. Anti ultraviolet: 90%
8. Thermal expansion:1.5-3.2x10-5m/k
9. Thermal conductivity:K=0.23W/M*K

natural lighting on workshop, commercial building and civil buidling;
Special design for the working environment with high temperature,
such as large metallurgical engineering,thermal power plant,boiler room,
Also for resistance to chemical attack,excellent acid fastness,such as chemical plant.

More than 200 profiles for choice,we have at leace one profile to meet your requirements.

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