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What is tempered glass 
Tempered glass is one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger.Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.
1. 5 times harder than ordinary float glass, stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat strengthened glass.
2. Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively harmless to human body.
3. It withstands abrupt temperature change of 220 Centigrade.
4. Sizes are produced as per customer request. Once tempered, it can not be cut down.

Physical perfomance:
Giving impact resistance and a high compressive strength compared to normal glass. 
Maximum operating temperatures: 
short-term usage: 300 °C 
long-term usage: 200 °C 
Resistance to thermal differences: 150 K 
Thermal properties: 0,8 W (mK) 
Co-efficient of mean linear thermal expansion a = 910-6 K-1 (20-300°C) 
Pressure strength: 700 - 900 N/mm

Thickness: 3-19mm. 
Size: Max. 2440*3600mm, Min. 100*300mm 
Color: Clear, extra clear, blue, green etc 
1. Edge: Flat edge (T edge), pencil edge (C edge), beveled edge, ogee edge. 
2. Corner: Safety corner, round corner. 
3. Holes: Drilling available at customer's option. 
4. Shapes: Square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle etc. 
5. Treatment: Printing, acid, frosted. 
6. Water Jet Cutting.

1.External use of show windows, doors, shopfronts in offices, houses, shops etc.
2.Interior glass screens, partitions, balustrades etc.
3.Shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc.
4.Furniture, table-tops etc.

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