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Applications of polycarbonate sheet

Date:2016-04-30 12:59clicks: times
Polycarbonate sheeting is an engineering plastic of excellent integration capability.It has outstanding physical,mechanical,electrical & heat capabilities,it is widely used in many applications, ranging from industry to agriculture,from roofing to mat,from shade to visor. Here just only lists a few applications,but not limited to,

1) Sunshades for stadiums and bus shelters;
2) Lighting for corridors, passages and subway entries;
3) Sheds for bus platforms;
4) Advertising lamp boxes (AD light box)
5) Bank ATMs and Police anti riot shields
6) Sound barrier wall for constructions such as expressways and houses.
7) Canopies for agricultural greenhouses,zoos,botanical gardens;
8) Agriculture greenhouses and sheds;
9) Sun room,flower room,geodesical domes;
10)Eco restaurant;
11)false ceiling;
12)exhibition shelf,sound-proof wall and glass window,
13)Indoor swimming pools,sun bath pools;
14)storm panel;
15)second window;
18)meters covers.
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