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The main procedures of manufacturing thermoplastics such as Polycarbonates,PMMA by plastic extruder goes like the following:
Step 1. Material incoming test,the tests listed below will be carried out as routine to
make sure the purchased material is right.Hot melt index test and moisture test, and documents such as Declaration of confirmoty and test report are required as well at the
same time.

Step 2. Material Storing in the warehouse ;

Step 3. Dispatching according to mfg. instructional plan
(Verify the material grade, quantity,timing, following the principle "first in,first out" 

Step 4. Drying and mixing in the sturring machine
 (In order to get the same output of colour confirmoty,avoid any color discrepancy)

Step 5.Feeding
The mixed material are transferred automatically to feeder by vacuum suction.

Step6. Moulding& Extruding 
Plastic resin melts under the condition of high temperatures and pressures in the Cambridge,then passing the specific
moulding and extruded from the extruded jet.

Step 7. Reshaping 
To verify the thickness and meets the requirements.At the same time,checking the color and weights as well.

Step 8. Annealing 
To release the inner tense of polycarbonate sheets by roasting to make sure the flexibility.

Step 9. Filming
 The anti-static non gluing protective film will be covered by roasting rubber rollers.

Step 10. Cutting
The cutter will automatically cut to the size as setting

Step 11. Sealing( for multiwall polycarbonate only)

Step 12. Warehousing 
 After checking and labeling, polycarbonate panels sent to the warehouse for storing.

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